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Special Licence Rules

This document describes special types of licenses provided by Geneea Analytics. If these licences do not meet your needs, please contact us.

In all cases:

  • In addition to the following restrictions, the general Terms of Service apply.
  • The licenses are free of charge as long as the set rules are complied with.
  • The licenses are valid for 3 months and can be repeatedly extended upon agreement.
  • The licenses refer to the cloud solution (accessible through api.geneea.com).
  • Do not overload our systems:
    • Call APIs with only one thread, i.e. analyze documents one at a time.
    • The maximum volume of analyzed data is 5M characters per month.
    • Please contact us if you would like to adjust these limits.
  • Do not publish the results provided by the API in their original form or in a form that allows the original form to be reconstructed. Publish only aggregated results, charts, etc.
  • If Geneea is one of the rated products you want to make public, consult us regarding the correct use of the system, methodology, modeling, quality of the results, etc.
  • If the result of your work is any public output (blog, diploma thesis, article, etc.), please state that the text analysis was provided free of charge by Geneea Analytics with a link to our website www.geneea.com.
  • We also welcome any feedback that will enable us to improve the system: what worked, what did not work, what was your use case, and so on.

1. Academic license – for teaching, as well as for students

  • The license is provided for teaching purposes, for both teachers and students.
  • The license does not apply to commercial workshops and courses.
  • The license does not apply to commercial projects within the academic organization. ​

2. Developer License

  • The license applies to SW development.
  • The license does not apply to production deployment.

3. Hackathon License

  • The license is only valid for the duration of a hackathon.
  • The results of hackathon analyses can not be further commercially exploited.
  • Consider the option of having data analyzed for all participants in advance. ​

Nonprofits, public benefit projects

  • Contact us for discounts from the basic price list. ​