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Geneea helps you analyze large amounts of text. Whether it is customer feedback, news articles, social media posts, blogs, e-mails or legal documents in your archives. Within seconds. Don’t change your business processes. Simply plug in the output of The InterpretorTM, our powerful NLP software platform, and start using the previously hidden information to take action, cut costs and boost revenues.

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Language detection

Detect the language of a text. Our platform currently distinguishes more than 30 languages.

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Sentiment detection

Detect emotions contained in a text. Was the author happy (I loved it), neutral (We left on Tuesday), or unhappy (The lunch was not good at all) with their experience?

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Entity extraction

Search your texts for names of people, locations, products, dates, account numbers, etc. We can adjust the detectors to your needs or even identify a new type of entity.

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Topic identification

Detect a broad topic of any text (News, Sport, Art, Techno­logy, etc.). We can train a custom model assigning the categories you need (support, billing, cancellations, etc.).

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Automatic tagging

A tag describes the content of a text; whether it’s an email, commercial contract, or a yellow press article. A tag can be cancel subscription, safe car, or terrible cook.

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Diacritics correction

For Czech texts without diacritics, adds all the wedges and accents. For example, Muj ctyrnohy pritel will become Můj čtyřnohý přítel.

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